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Do you have a hobby of editing videos? If so, of course you are using a cellphone or PC to edit a video, well here we will review the latest version of the Alight Motion Pro application in 2021.

However, if you have an application that is so special, you certainly don’t need to be afraid of the features and appearance provided by this application because the features and appearance are quite complete. This is perfect for you if you want to add elegant and cool effects.

That’s what you can get from a video editing application for your smartphone on this one. But if you want to find an application that has a very complete motion display and features, then you will get it in the Alight Motion Pro APK application. Are you curious about what the application looks like and what are its features?

So you don’t need to take a long time, just look together with a full review of this application. Don’t you skip this article so that you can easily understand and don’t miss information from the latest version of the application available.

Review of Alight Motion Pro APK

In this day and age, many video editing applications have been developed, either the PC version or the Android version. This certainly has happened often because there are so many scattered on social media that users often upload or share interesting videos featuring their daily lives.

A video editing application is certainly also needed by many vloggers like Youtuber so that they can present videos with good quality in terms of content.

You have to know, a video that is usually uploaded by the vloger is not a raw video, but edits have been made in such a way so that it looks perfect and good.

The reasons above are what make Alight Motion Pro APK present on Playstore by displaying various video editing features that are so complete and certainly easy with only you using a smartphone. Yes, you can only use it on any version of the Android smartphone, that way you no longer need to edit using a PC.

Editing Through the Alight Motion Pro application, you can edit videos using a large selection of sticker effects, audio, GIFs, text, and of course many more.

You can also combine many layers into one at once so that it will create an elegant, cool video, and that way the content you have will be of high quality.

Of course there are still many features that you will get if you use the Alight Motion Pro application, but the usual version of this application will have a watermark on an edited video.

For many people, especially those who usually do editing, this watermark must be very annoying in a video display.

If you don’t want a watermark on your edited video, then you can upgrade the regular version of Alight Motion to the Alight Motion Pro application.

Cool Features of Alight Motion Pro

Before you try Alight on Android, first know what features you can get to enhance your video edits. You can see the info below:

  1. Keyframe animation feature

One of the application features that other video editing applications may not have is keyframe animation, which allows you to make static objects clearer. You can also customize the appearance of the object and make it appear that it is moving in orbit. Not everyone can do this, bro, those of you who find it difficult with this application, can study first from a more expert.

  1. Nice and Impressive Effect Options

Don’t be afraid that you will lack ideas in editing videos using this Alight Motion pro mod apk. Because in it there are already lots of good, interesting and attractive effect features in the video. The effects that can be used are a number of different themes, various text models, images, colors, light, blur and others. Try it yourself, bro for more details.

  1. Features Adding Writing with Various Interesting Fonts

The types of fonts in the Alight Motion application are numerous and great. If you are still not satisfied with the available fonts, you can also import them with the type of font you have. The text that you add can also be given a touch of animation.

  1. Complete Guide

For those of you who are new to the world of video editing and feel that you don’t understand some of the features in the Alight Motion mod apk, you will be guided. The guide contained in this application is very complete and detailed. It’s just that the language used is English, equipped with pictures that provide instructions for using the feature itself. Select the tutorial tab to see the guide.