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Social media has been talking a lot lately that playing Higgs Domino RP can earn money. And it turns out that it’s true, guys, where you first register to be a partner tool at Tdomino Boxiangyx.

Now that’s what we will discuss this time, in previous discussions we have discussed the Higgs Domino RP Old Version, How to Cheat the Higgs Domino Slot, and How to Get the Higgs Domino Chip.

If you are tired of playing Higgs Domino Mod Apk and want to get money from this application, you can continue to follow the discussion in this article and take a good look at each discussion.

The goal is for you to know how to make easy money when you become a partner.

In addition, here we will also discuss the requirements to become a partner, how to register, the benefits of being a partner and many others. And there’s no need to linger, let’s just jump right into the discussion, check it out!

What is Higgs Domino’s Partner Tool?

The Partner Tool in the Higgs Domino application is an official agent that has been approved by the game developer to buy and sell chips and so on.

In addition, you can also sell any items or products related to this game and needed by the members in order to improve their playing skills.

Things like this can be a great opportunity, especially since we know that there are a lot of users of the Higgs Domino Island application and not only from Indonesia, but there are already several outsiders who have played this game.

Items that you can sell when you become a partner are Gold Coins, Purple Chips, and other items. All of that can be purchased by all higgs domino X8 speedeer players.

In this way you not only get money but you can also help ordinary players get premium items from outsiders.

Before you become a partner, you must first know the advantages of being a partner. Where are the advantages you can see below, guys.

Benefits of Being a Partner at Higgs Domino Island

Of course, being an agent has its own advantages, which of course are related to money. In fact, you can make a lot of money if you become a trusted partner.

For those of you who want to become a partner, here are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Top Up prices will be much cheaper than ordinary players.
  • Can sell various premium items owned.
  • Doing buying and selling chips every day.
  • Can be a very promising business.
  • Those are some of the advantages that you can get for other benefits you can feel after you become partners.

Requirements to be a Partner in the Higgs Domino App

To become a partner is not easy because you have to meet the requirements. And must obey the rules that have been set by the application developer. Where the requirements are as follows:

  • Upgrade Account to VIP Account

The first requirement to become a partner is that your account must be a VIP account, not an account like a normal player. If your account is still a regular account, immediately upgrade the account to VIP.

The advantage of upgrading your account to VIP is that you can transfer the chibi account to someone else’s account. After your account is VIP, continue to trade and it will level up your account.

  • Creating ID in Higgs Dominoes Account

Not a few people who fail to become partners because they have not created an ID on their account. So before you upgrade your account to VIP, you first create an ID on the account.

Where to create an account ID you must have been verified, connected to a Facebook account, have a mobile number and email that is always active, lastly input your personal data according to your ID card.

  • Join the Chip Supplier Group

Your goal in joining a supplier group is to find information on how to sell good and correct chips. Besides joining this group, you will also get a way to become a trusted partner.

By joining this group you can build relationships to be more advanced in the future. Maybe you think this is not important but believe me that eventually you will need this method.