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Watching movies or videos via cellphones is indeed more practical because you can take them anywhere. However, not all cellphones can support all video formats, so they require additional applications. MX Player Pro is one of the recommended video player applications.

This application not only supports video playback, but can also be used to play music offline. Its features are also complete as a video and audio player, so it is not surprising that many people use it.

Everyone must have music playback and also watch videos on an Android or iOS smartphone. For that, here we recommend that you use the premium MX Player Mod Apk Pro. However, before that you read the MX player application review to add insight, let’s read the details below until it’s finished.

About MX Player Pro

As mentioned earlier, MX Player is a video and music player application. Basically this application is available in two versions, namely free and paid or professional.

The free version of MX Player is sufficient for playing both video and audio, but unfortunately it doesn’t support all formats. Unlike the professional version which already supports all video and audio formats.

MX Player has very easy usage controls, namely by swapping for most of the video and audio playback features. The settings for this application are also not too difficult and can be adjusted according to individual needs.

MX Player Pro features

In the mod apk application, there are definitely some excellent features that are used for free, and if in the original version these features can be used if the user makes a payment or buys a premium version license. Well, here are some of the latest premium features on the MX Player Pro Mod APK application.

  1. Custom Color Application

As many people already know, the MX Player application does have a very distinctive black color. Some people may get bored with the dominant black look of the app and want to change the color.

In this professional version, you can change the color as you wish. This feature is not found in the original version. Even so, it is still rare for users to take advantage of this feature because it matches the color black.

  1. Change the Subtitle

Generally the subtitles that appear in this application are in accordance with those in the video and are default. The font size of the subtitles and the color cannot be changed if you use the standard version.

But if you use the pro version, you can change the subtitles as you wish. As for what can be changed here starting from the type of font, size to the color of the subtitles. You can even change the location where the subtitles appear.

  1. Multicore Decoding

The next feature that is the advantage of MX Player Pro apk compared to similar applications is multicore decoding support. Multicore decoding support allows video playback to be up to 70% better than similar applications.

You can even watch videos in the highest quality without fear of breaking. For example, the video you want to watch is type H264 and the MX Player application supports this format.

  1. Codec Removal Feature

Apart from having a multi decoding feature, this application also allows you to remove the decoding. This means that the decoding of the original video will be removed unnecessarily and replaced by the system from the app for better performance.

Thus, the video playback process will be better and during playback will not suffer. This feature works automatically, so you don’t need to set it up in such a way and can use it as usual.

  1. Smart Lock

In some video and audio player applications, there is no support for locking when playing videos. Conditions like this will certainly be troublesome, especially if you are watching videos with small children.

If you use the MX Player Pro apk, you can take advantage of the smart lock feature. This feature can be found when you have started watching videos and will appear in a row with the pause button and the like.

By clicking the smart lock icon, the video will not continue even if you or a small child touches the screen. If you want to open it, just press a few times until the button appears again.