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Do you like to receive files in RAR or ZIP form on your cellphone? Continue to be confused about how to be able to open the file? I’ve tried many applications but none of them are suitable. There is a suitable turn, uh pay. Have you ever tried Zarchiver Pro APK?

If you really need applications that can help open these types of files, then this mod application is definitely highly recommended for you. What is the Zarchiver?

About Zarchiver Pro APK

This Zarchiver is actually a special application for archiving. Usually you can use it to open files of the type .rar, .zip, tar, gzip, wim, and many other types of archiving files.

Apart from the types of archive files mentioned just now, you can also collect various files, then compress them into almost any type of archive file. This application can really help you who want to send large files to other people via email or chat.

Zarchiver can help you to compress the files that you are going to send. For example, the file size that was previously 2GB, if it has been archived using this application, the size can be reduced to maybe more than half. Can really help right?

This Pro APK type application is certainly a mod. Because if you want to use this application with all its benefits, then you have to buy it for 20 thousand rupiah. It’s cheap, but why pay if it’s free?

Zarchiver Pro APK has become one of the favorite archiving applications because it has a simple and easy user interface for many people. So for those of you who are a bit clueless, you will have no trouble using this one application.

Zarchiver Pro APK features

  1. Can Create Various Types of Archives

The first feature that the Pro APK version of Zarchiver has is the ability to create various types of archive files. That is, you can create archive files of type .zip, .rar, and many other types.

Each type of file has its own advantages. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

  1. Can Extract Various Archive Formats

Besides being able to create various types of archive files, Zarchiver is also of course able to extract various types of archive file formats. So if you get an archive file type that you may rarely hear about, it can still be opened using this application.

There are many types of archive formats that you can extract. Starting from .rar or .zip the most common, to de, cpio, alz, wim, to deb which are very rarely used by many people. So don’t worry about downloading files of various types on the internet.

  1. Seeing the Contents of Various Types of Archives

If you still want to have a look, don’t want to do an extraction, you can do it at Zarchiver. And again, all kinds of archive files can be seen by this application.

For example, the 7zip file type, which not many applications can open and view the contents of this type of archive file. But by using Zarchiver, you can open this file and view its contents. How interesting isn’t it ?!

  1. Able to Create Password Protected Archive Files

Do you need an application that guarantees file security? Zarchiver Pro APK is the right choice. By using this application you can create archive files of any format that are password protected.

So the files that you will create and send to others are safe. Only you know the password, and the person with whom you are sharing the password information can open this archive file.

  1. Can be free to edit archives

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when extracting. Because after the extraction is complete, you can still edit the files in this archive file. If that’s enough, all you have to do is save.