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Bokeh itself is a term for images that appear blurry, blurry, or blurred. This effect on the camera can record when recording using the focus technique. Apart from that, you can also add effects through a video editing application.

Recommended Bokeh Video Application

There are many choices of applications that you can use to edit bokeh videos. The following is a list of recommended applications that you can download via Playstore. Some of them are also available for iPhone and can be downloaded via the App Store.

  1. After Focus

The After Focus app is developed and published by MoltinOne. This video editing application has quite complete features, one of which is bokeh. This bokeh feature can be adjusted and adjusted according to user tastes.

You can select an area to focus on a video. Meanwhile, other areas that are not selected will be blurred or blurred.

Whether or not the video edits are good or not depends on the editing abilities or skills possessed by Japanese users of the bokeh video museum.

  1. Insta Bokeh

The second recommended application that you can use is Insta Bokeh. From the name alone, this application already describes its main feature, which is to provide a bokeh effect for videos to be uploaded on Instagram.

There are no other tools or features that the Insta Bokeh application has. Even so, Insta Bokeh provides various types of blur. The level of blur can be adjusted according to the wishes of the application user.

  1. Real Bokeh

If you are bored with the monotonous bokeh effect, you should download and install the Real Bokeh application right now. This application provides 36 bokeh shapes and 33 light effects in it. You can create that many effects with the previously recorded Japanese museum bokeh video files.

In addition to providing dozens of bokeh models and light effects, you are also free to draw bokeh according to the video. Features like this can hardly be found in other video editing applications.

  1. Blur Video

Videos produced by Android phones are generally in the MP4 format. Even though apart from that there are still several other video file formats such as MWV, AVI, and 3GP. Well, you can use the Blur Video application to edit various file formats as already mentioned.

  1. MagoVideo

In third place is the MagoVideo application that you can use to edit videos into bokeh. In addition to providing permissible features, this application also provides various other effects such as shake, zoom, and color.

MagoVideo only provides a blur effect for the background or video frame. In contrast to After Focus, which provides a focus point adjustment feature.